College List Builder FAQs

What makes CBA's college list builder different?

When we develop your child's college list we review the information captured in their u-profile questionnaire as well as learnings from our initial consultation to build a list that reflects THEM. Their list will include individualized notes that explain why this school could make a good fit for them.

Once I register, how long does it take to get my list?

After completing their U-Profile Questionnaire and initial consultation call with one of our college admission specialists, you can expect your list in about 2 weeks.

My child is a senior, can you still help them?

Of course. The College List Builder is designed to support sophomores, juniors and seniors. Whether they are just beginning their search or would like help refining an existing list, we can help.

What will the essay consultation consist of?

After completing a brainstorming/information gathering sheet, our essay specialists meet with students to discuss potential essay topics, brainstorm additional ideas, and create a personalized timeline. If a student already has a draft of an essay written we also review it prior to the first meeting.  This package also includes a review of a draft with extensive comments.

Note: Students can purchase additional hours with our specialists, and/or receive discounts to one of our signature essay writing workshops.

What is the difference between this and your private counseling offerings?

The College List Builder is designed to provide students and their families with the basics needed to begin the college process: their initial college list. Families who choose one of our private counseling packages are looking for a longer term partnership. For more information on our private services visit our website for further details.