Admissions Academy

What materials does my child receive?

Your child will receive our signature college application workbook that provides guidance and interactive exercises that support them along the application process.

Is there an online option?

Right now the Admissions Academy will be in person only. If interest indicates desire for an online option, we'll certainly consider it.

What if my child needs additional support?

The Admissions Academy includes two private sessions that provide additional 1:1 counseling. If further sessions are required, Admission Academy families can purchase additional private sessions at a special reduced rate.

Who is this program good for?

This program is designed for students who are looking to maximize their summer vacation to get ahead of the college application process and would benefit from guidance and insight from our counselors.

What if I miss a session?

If you miss a session, you can arrange to get caught up with your counselor or a recorded session will be sent to you.