About Us

Led by Founder and Executive Director Eydie Balsam, College Bound Advising counselors have been helping students find their "right fit' college for over 20 years. Our professional experiences range from working in higher education and high school college counseling offices to professional positions as writers and marketing specialists, as well as serving as classroom teachers, tutors, and coaches.

Meet Eydie.

Graduating from Syracuse University, Eydie holds an MSW from the University of Pennsylvania and an MEd from Harvard University. A perpetual student, Eydie has completed her Certification in College Counseling from UC Irvine and continues her love of learning by participating in trainings and graduate classes on adolescent development. She is the former Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs at Bentley University and Director of Student Affairs at Willow Hill High School. Before starting College Bound Advising, she founded and ran Successful Strategies, a strategy-based tutoring and standardized test preparation company. Her experiences working with students and their families, traveling across the country to visit schools and meet with admissions officers have helped her hone her approach to empowering students to be their best selves. However, it is her role as a mom to three teenagers that have honed her ability to relate to both students and their parents as they travel down the path of college admissions.

Our Values & Approach

You are not alone. We will be here to answer your questions, help you understand the process,

and guide you every step of the way.

No matter when you come to us, whether you are in the beginning stages of discussing life after high school or closer to the time to finalize decisions, we are here with you. Our proven approach will provide support to both your child and you to reduce the stress of this sometimes arduous process.  Our framework provides families with innovative and individualized strategies and tools to help students take control of their high school experience and their college application process.

How are we different?

Many college admissions advisors start by asking WHERE do you want to go to college. Our approach is different. We start by asking them about who they are, their likes and dislikes,

their fascinations and interests.

Our guiding philosophy is to guide students to a place of confidence in their "who"  before we explore their "where." Together we discover the colleges that will provide the best environment for them.

Our goal is to not simply have a list of acceptances that students can hang on their wall, but a list of acceptances to schools that truly match who they are (and who they want to become) and with a set of skills that will set them up for success once they get there and beyond.